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New Politics Alliance for Democracy to Join Hands with Gwangju for Successful Operation of the Universiade

새정치민주연합, U대회 총력 지원한다

New Politics Alliance for Democracy to Join Hands with Gwangju for Successful Operation of the Universiade


With 15 days remaining until the official kickoff of the Universiade, the main opposition party, New Politics Alliance for Democracy, held an inspection meeting yesterday to discuss cooperative measures aimed at hosting a successful Universiade.

Opposition politicians also demanded that the national government should prepare thorough countermeasures to cope with the spread of the deadly MERS virus and ensure the safety of participating athletes and visitors as well as citizens of Gwangju.

The party chairman, Rep. Moon Jae-in, emphasized that the no. 1 priority for the Universiade is safety and pointed out that the national government should establish anti-quarantine measures that will effectively prevent athletes, delegation members, and citizens of Gwangju from being infected with MERS.

Moon also urged the national government to do its best to ensure North Korean athletes' participation in the Universiade as this year celebrates the 70th anniversary of Koreas independence and the 15th anniversary of the June 15 inter-Korean joint declaration.
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