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48 Corporations Selected as Excellent Employment Businesses in Gwangju

광주시 고용우수기업 48개 선정

48 Corporations Selected as Excellent Employment Businesses in Gwangju


The city of Gwangju selected a total of 48 local business administrations as ‘Excellent Employers of the Region’ for this year yesterday.


The ‘Excellent Employment Business Recognition System’ discovers, supports and creates corporations that contributed to employment growth and stabilization of the economy.


The city of Gwangju selected some 170 corporations across the city as excellent employers of the region since 2010.


Corporations that have employment growth rate marks more than 5 percent in annual average and have been in operation for more than 2 years in Gwangju were qualified for the program.


Selected corporations will be given recognition certificate, support fees for stabilization of management and administration as well as export promotion aids and allocation of interns.

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