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Youth Summer Camp to be Held in Gwangju National Museum and Folk Museum


여름방학 청소년 캠프, 국립광주박물관, 시립민속박물관에서

Youth Summer Camp to be Held in Gwangju National Museum and Folk Museum


The Gwangju National Museum and Folk Museum will host youth camps for local adolescents during the summer vacation season among middle school students in the region.

The Gwangju National Museum-hosted ‘Museum Youth Camp’ will feature the participation of 70 middle school students in Gwangju and Jeollanamdo from July 28th to August 1st. Applications will be accepted until July 20th on its official website.

The camp program includes lectures on each different historical topic, travel to the exhibition hall, and participation in experience programs offered in the museum.

The Gwangju Folk Museum will target elementary school students and its program will allow the students’ parents and family members to partake in a ‘Historical Tour of Jeollanamdo’ that will introduce the different history, culture, customs and culinary dishes of Jeollanamdo.

More detailed information on the Gwangju Folk Museum and its youth summer camp program will be available on the official webpage of Gwangju city hall.

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