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Exhibition Featuring Civil Participation Garners Attention

광주비엔날레 시민참여 전시눈길

Exhibition Featuring Civil Participation Garners Attention


Celebrating its 10-year anniversary since the first Biennale, the 2014 Gwangju Biennale will prepare and display an exhibition that features direct participation of citizens.

Nearly 400 citizens of Gwangju will take part in the upcoming Biennale exhibition in Gwangju, showcasing 10 performances throughout the duration of Gwangju Biennale set to take place from September 5th to November 9th.

One of the participating artists from Gwangju Biennale, Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla will stage a collaborative performance with 100 citizens introducing those who hold a variety of different jobs such as a cook, designer, nurse and ceramic artist.

Chinese artist Liu Xiadong will depict and reproduce young democratic activists that took part in the democratization movement in Gwangju that occurred 34 years ago on May 18th, 1980 using real models who are high school students in Gwangju.

Japanese artist Aei Arakawa will travel to Gwangju and stay in the city for artwork from August until the Biennale wraps up in November for installation artwork featuring participation of local play group, ‘Shinmyeong’ and ‘Tobaggi’ (토박이).

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