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Jeollanamdo Mudflat Takes Up some 42 Percent of the Entire Mudflat Area in Nation


갯벌, 전남이 전체 면적의 42%

Jeollanamdo Mudflat Takes Up some 42 Percent of the Entire Mudflat Area in Nation


Mudflats located in Jeollanamdo reportedly take up some 42 percent of the entire mudflat area in Korea.

Among the entire mudflat stretching some 2,500 square kilometers nationwide, the western coastal area took up 83 percent at 2,080 square kilometers, followed by the southern coastal regions at 16 percent or 402 square kilometers.

Mudflats in Jeollanamdo accounted for the largest amount at 42 percent with Incheon and the Gyeongi area taking up some 35 percent.

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries explained the background for the mass mudflat area in Korea and pointed out that the size has not seen any reduction in the recent 10 years in part due to their designation as wetland and mudflat areas for protection and in part due to the hosting of the 2008 Ramsar Alliance for effective preservation of wetland area.

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