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Gwangju Seogu District to Hold 'Seochang Mandeuri Harvest Rituals

광주 서구, ‘서창 만드리 풍년제개최한다

Gwangju Seogu District to Hold 'Seochang Mandeuri Harvest Rituals


On July23rd, Gwangju Seogu District will hold ‘The 17th Seochang Mandeuri Harvest Rituals’, which reenacts traditional farming culture heritage, such as the farmer’s song Deullorae and weeding, at Seochang Balsan Village. Mandeuri, which refers to the last weeding, is a type of Nongyo, or traditional farmers’ song.


The Seogu District has been verifying various cultural historical sources and restoring and passing down Mandueri Harvest Rituals since 1999 in order to preserve the Deullorae, which has been handed down by tradition.


Along with the performance and ceremonial event, this year will feature 120 farmers singing Deullorae while riding on bulls after they have finished the weeding. Then, director of Seogu District Office Yim Woo Jin will wine and dine the farmers.


A variety of performances and a photo competition are scheduled to take place after the revival event.
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