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Traffic Control Around Universiade Athletes' Village to Be Lifted On 15th

U대회 선수촌 주변교통통제 15일에해제한다

Traffic Control Around Universiade Athletes' Village to Be Lifted On 15th


Gwangju City has announced that the traffic control around the Universiade athletes’ village, such as the second day-no-driving system or the extended operation of bus lanes will be partially lifted from the 15th. The traffic control measures were successful in allowing the smooth transport of contestants and staff.


Despite the fact that it has originally planned to lift the control on July 17th when all the athletes leave the village, the city has decided to partially relieve traffic control from July 15th in order to resolve traffic inconveniences.


Meanwhile, normal vehicles will be completely forbidden around the Universiade main stadium and surrounding areas from 2 pm to 12 am on July 14th, while 4 shuttle bus routes will be operated every 5 to 15 minutes from 2 pm to 11pm.
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