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NPAD Innovative Member Jo Guk Comments on Representative Cheon Jeong Bae's New Party

새정연 혁신위원조국, 천정배신당과 관련하여 언급하다

NPAD Innovative Member Jo Guk Comments on Representative Cheon Jeong Bae's New Party


An innovative member of the New Politics Alliance for Democracy, Jo Guk, who is also a professor of Seoul National University Law School, has mentioned that the rivalry between the NPAD and representative Cheon Jeong Bae’s new party will be helpful to all opposition parties.


Professor Jo also explained on his personal social networking site that the rivalry should stimulate innovative political completion in the same vein as that between the Democratic Party and representative Ahn Cheol Soo’s new party.


However, Jo did not agree with Rep. Cheon’s decision to assert the ‘Revival of Honam Region Policy’ as the national figure Cheon returned to Gwangju after failing in the capital area. Jo added that the new decision of Rep. Cheon was largely affected by the NPAD’s recent problems.


Meanwhile, Rep. Cheon also mentioned on his SNS that he is glad that Jo has sympathized the view that the NPAD should compete with the new opposition power.
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