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South Jeolla Province to Open First Local Public Postnatal Care Center

전남, 공공산후조리원 1호점 개원한다

South Jeolla Province to Open First Local Public Postnatal Care Center


South Jeolla Province will open its first local public postnatal care center on September 1st with reservations being accepted from August 1st.


A policy commitment of the current Jeollanamdo government, the first public postnatal care center will be constructed on the 4th floor of Haenam Hospital. The care center will be equipped with 10 maternity rooms, an infant unit, a hip bathroom, a skin care center, and an ocher room. The cost of the 2-week-service will be 1.54 million won, which is cheaper than private postnatal care centers.


The beneficiaries of the national basic livelihood, lower income families, multi-cultural families, and severely disabled mothers can receive 70% discounts. A pediatrician will visit patients once a day, while a specialist of obstetrics and gynecology will carry out visits twice a week.


Moreover, a customized postpartum care center for the disabled and caregivers will be offered as well.
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