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Jeollanamdo Requests Countermeasures for Rice Market Opening Next Year

쌀시장 내년 개방, 전남도 대책 촉구

Jeollanamdo Requests Countermeasures for Rice Market Opening Next Year


As the national government will open up the domestic rice market starting next year, Jeollanamdo has requested countermeasures for possible damages expected to regional farmers.

The Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Lee Dong-pil, held a press conference last Friday and announced that the ministry will liberalize the rice market as early as January next year.

According to the World Trade Organization regulations, the South Korean government is obligated to notify by September this year whether it will open up the domestic rice market after a 20-year postponement of the liberalization of its rice market.

However, Korea’s largest farming province, Jeollanamdo, strongly urged the national government to prepare measures to maintain the sustainable operation of the domestic farming industry.

Meanwhile, the Ministry explained that it will exclude the rice sector from international pact negotiations, including the Korea-China Free Trade Agreement, to prevent further market intrusion from international sellers and exporters.

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