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Natural Dyeing Experience Village in Jeollanamdo

전남 8개 시군에 천연 염색 체험마을

Natural Dyeing Experience Village in Jeollanamdo

A Natural Dyeing Experience Village will be constructed in a total of 8 cities and districts in Jeollanamdo.

The Gwangju and Jeonam Small to Medium Business Administration and the city of Naju held a 'Designation Ceremony of Natural Dyeing Experience Village' yesterday and appointed the main operators of the experience program.

Villages equipped with the dyeing experience program using natural materials include Naju, Damyang, Gwangyang, Boseong, Muan, Yeosu, Hampyeong and Yeongam.

Respective villages with natural dyeing experience programs are expected to contribute to the regional economy through attracting nationwide domestic and international visitors to villages.

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