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Firefighters from Gangwon Headquarter to Visit Gwangju

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Firefighters from Gangwon Headquarter to Visit Gwangju


Colleagues of the late firefighters who died in the firefighting helicopter crash in Suwan district in Gwangju on July 17th will visit Gwangju tomorrow to commemorate the late firefighters’ sacrifice and express their gratitude to Gwangju citizens and officials.

According to the Gwangju Regional Police Agency and Gangwon Firefighting Headquarter, a total of 6 firefighters from Gangwon Firefighting Headquarter who lost their colleagues in the accident will visit Gwangju tomorrow.

Visiting firefighters will first make a visit to Gwangju City Hall and meet with the municipal public officials who helped in dealing with the aftermath of the accident and then go to the Gwangsan-gu district office and firefighting stations to express their gratitude for the memorial events that were held in commemoration of the deceased firefighters.

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