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90 percent of Freshmen at National Universities in Gwangju Originate from Ordinary High Schools

광주권 국립대학 신입생 90% 일반고 출신

90 percent of Freshmen at National Universities in Gwangju Originate from Ordinary High Schools


90 percent of the freshmen attending national universities in Gwangju, such as Jeonam National University and Gwangju National University of Education, are reportedly graduates of ordinary high schools.

Some 67 percent of students at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology are from specialized high schools such as science high schools.

According to the ‘National University Freshmen Index in Gwangju’ released by the Gwangju Civil Association for Korean Society Free of Academic Network, more than 80 percent of the freshmen newly admitted to Jeonam National University this year studied in ordinary high schools, followed by 10 percent from autonomous private high schools.

At Gwangju National University of Education, 85 percent of the freshmen originated from ordinary high schools.

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