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Commemorative Concert for the Legendary Musician Jeong Chu to be Held

양림동이 낳은 천재 음악가 정추 추모공연

Commemorative Concert for the Legendary Musician Jeong Chu to be Held


A memorial concert that commemorates the one-year anniversary of the passing of the legendary musician Jeong Chu who was born in the Yangrim-dong area in Gwangju will be held on August 2nd at Honam Theological University and Seminary from 7:30 p.m.

The upcoming concert aims, through the performance of his songs and music, to celebrate the achievements of Jeong Chu, who passed away last year.

Born in Yangrim-dong in 1923, Jeong studied under Tchaikovsky at the Music School of Tchaikovsky and composed the legendary song, ‘Homeland’ which earned him perfect scores when he graduated from the school.

Jeong’s another representative work, ‘Song of Raft’ was played at the concert to congratulate the world’s first successful flight to space by the Russian-made space vehicle, the Vostok.

Jeong Chu and his music are widely known to have greatly contributed to the music exchange between Korea and Russia.

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