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Gwangju Provides Free Meals for 19,000 Children in the City

광주시 여름방학 결식 아동 19,000명 무료급식

Gwangju Provides Free Meals for 19,000 Children in the City


The city of Gwangju will offer free meals for 19,000 children in the city during the summer break period.

The city will reportedly provide free meals to those children who are in the lower income bracket and have been receiving free meal service from their schools since the adoption of free meals for all students in the primary school system in Gwangju.

19,000 beneficiaries in Gwangju will be given ‘meal cards’ and can eat for free in 526 restaurants that have been designated as member restaurants.

In addition, a total of three lunch box centers and local children’s centers at 284 locations will provide free meals to the 19,000 beneficiaries from disabled households, children with no parents, and households in the lower income bracket.

A total of 2.2 billion won has been invested in the project, which provides each child with a daily meal worth 3,500 won.

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