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Oxygen Festival to be Held from August 16th for Two days in Jangseong

장성 축령산에서 산소축제 16-17

Oxygen Festival to be Held from August 16th for Two days in Jangseong


An ‘Oxygen Festival’ will be held from August 16th for two days at Mt. Chukryeong in Jangseong, where Korea’s largest phytocide tree forest is located.

A total of 37 different types of experience-oriented programs and festival events themed after the clean air produced in the mountain will be held throughout the festival.

Visitors to the festival will be given a chance to experience forest hiking in a phytoncide tree forest, a natural dyeing experience, making accessories using cypress trees, and a fishing experience program.

In the meantime, Mt. Chukryoeng welcomes an average 500,000 visitors every year to Korea’s biggest cypress tree forest that covers 780 hectares.




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