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Gwangju to Build Network to Attract Chinese Tourists

광주시 중국 관람객 유치 위한 네트워크 구축

Gwangju to Build Network to Attract Chinese Tourists


The city of Gwangju and its representatives, led by city mayor Yoon Jang-hyun who recently visited Beijing to promote greater exchanges between the two cities, reportedly signed an MOU with 5 major travel agencies in China for cooperation in attracting Chinese travelers to tourist attractions in Gwangju.

Upon the signing of MOU, Chinese travel agencies will cooperate with municipal officials in promoting and developing tourist programs targeting Chinese tourists in Gwangju.

Travel agencies will also join hands in hosting cultural exchange programs between Gwangju and Beijing.

The city of Gwangju will offer the administrative and financial aid required for operation of tourist programs targeting Chinese travelers in Gwangju, along with detailed information on local tourist attractions and programs.

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