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Live Coverage of Gwangju Court’s Sewol Trial in Ahnsan Court

광주지법 세월호 재판, 안산서 생중계로 지켜본다

Live Coverage of Gwangju Court’s Sewol Trial in Ahnsan Court


The Administrative Support Center at the Supreme Court has reportedly revised the rules regarding ‘Regulation on Watching or Videotaping of the Trial’’ to allow the Gwangju District Court to broadcast the Sewol Ferry trial live to the Suwon – Ahnsan District Court where a majority of families of the victims reside.

Gwangju District Court will review whether the court will be able to transmit the live coverage of the trial process to distant Suwon - Ahnsan District Court in consideration of the families of the victims who have to travel more than 3 hours to attend each trial.

Criminal Division 11 at Gwangju District Court, in charge of the Sewol Ferry Trial of crewmembers being held and charged with manslaughter, homicide and neglect of duty, as well as violation of maritime safety laws, will consider live broadcasts of the trial process for future trials.



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