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GFN to Broadcast 8.15 Special Documentary ‘Little Girl Spinner in KANEBO’ on National Liberation Day

광주영어방송 8.15 특집다큐멘터리가네보의 실잣는 소녀들방송

In related news, the Gwangju Foreign Language Network will broadcast an 8.15 special radio documentary, titled ‘Little Girl Spinner in KANEBO’ on August 15th, the National Liberation Day.

The two-part series special documentary ‘Little Girl Spinner in KANEBO’ was produced to commemorate the 69th year anniversary of the country’s independence from Japan and features a story about teenage girls from Gwangju and Jeollanamdo who were forcibly mobilized to work at the KANEBO spinning factory located in Gwangju during the Japanese colonial rule.

This year’s 8.15 special radio documentary was produced with funding of the Broadcast Culture Foundation. The documentary ‘Little Girl Spinner in KANEBO’ will be aired on August 15th from 7:05pm on GFN 98.7 FM in Gwangju and 93.7 FM in Yeosu.

National Liberation Day is one of the most meaningful historical moments in modern Korean history and various commemorative events will be held nationwide to pay respect to those who sacrificed and dedicated their lives to independence and to the anti-imperialism movement.

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