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Gwangju’s Buk-gu District records highest number of traffic accident fatalities

광주 북구, 교통사고 사망자 '최다'

Gwangju’s Buk-gu District records highest number of traffic accident fatalities


New information shows Gwangju’s Buk-gu District sees the highest number of traffic fatalities of the city’s five metropolitan districts.


The KoRoad Gwangju-Jeonnam Branch presented its Analysis of Traffic Accident Patterns in Gwangju report at a traffic safety seminar held at Gwangju City Hall.


According to the analysis, 170 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents from 2013 to 2015, making up 55% of total traffic accident casualties. Of these, 78 were senior citizens, and three were children. Buk-gu saw the highest number of pedestrian fatalities, with 55, followed by Seo-gu, Gwangsan-gu, Nam-gu and Dong-gu.


In the same time period, there were 2,800 traffic accidents across the city, 827 involving traffic light violations in Gwangsan-gu.


Meanwhile, 820 accidents in the west-end district involved drunk drivers behind the wheel, while Buk-gu saw 800, Seo-gu 780, Nam-gu 270 and Dong-gu 185 alcohol-related incidents. 

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