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Chinese fishing boat seized off Mokpo coast

집단저항 무허가 어선 첫 무기사용 1척 나포

Chinese fishing boat seized off Mokpo coast


South Korean coast guard officials have ordered Chinese vessels fishing illegally in Korean waters to leave the area, in a show of force that featured heavy weapon fire for the first time this year.


Coast guard officials in Mokpo said that they searched about 30 Chinese ships that were fishing illegally in waters 74 kilometers southwest of Gageo-do Island late Thursday night.


When a patrol boat seized one of the Chinese vessels, some 40 nearby Chinese ships rushed toward the patrol boat, in an apparent bid to free the first vessel.  


In response, the Korean patrol sent out a number of warning messages before firing 900 warning rounds from ship-mounted M-60 machine guns. The shots halted the approach of the Chinese vessels, which fled the fishing-prohibited area.


The South Korean Coast Guard immediately notified its Chinese counterpart of the incident and requested counteractions be taken.

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