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[2014-06-16] By-elections in Suncheon and Gokseong in Spotlight

순천, 곡성 재보궐선거 관심 모은다

By-elections in Suncheon and Gokseong in Spotlight


By-elections set to take place in the Suncheon and Gokseong regions are gathering nationwide attention as candidates such as Mr. Lee Jeong-hyun, the former senior secretary to the presidential office for public affairs, and other key oppositional figures are predicted to run for the election.


The former senior public affairs secretary, Lee, previously announced that he had relocated his address to the Gokseong region to run for the by-elections and expressed his will to break the regionalism and transform the Honam regions.


Based in Gokseong, Lee represented the ruling Saenuri party in the 19th By-elections held two years ago, earning some 39 percent of vote in Gwangju Seo-gu, as citizens recognized his efforts in the 18th National Assembly on financial budgets and policies aimed at the development of the Honam regions.


However, as Gwangju and Jeollanamdo have been traditional strongholds of oppositional parties and the progressive sector, the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy and its candidate, the former lawmaker Seo Gap-won and lawyer Goo Hui-seong, who is a close ally of the co-chairman of the NPAD party, Ahn Cheol-soo, are predicted to register themselves as candidates.

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