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Tim Shorrock to present special lecture at GIC Talk on 20th

광주, ‘미 언론인 Tim Shorrock의 특별강연'

Tim Shorrock to present special lecture at GIC Talk on 20th


The US journalist Tim Shorrock, who revealed the Cherokee Files containing records of classified communication between the US state department and Jeon Doo Hwan's military junta during the May 18 Democratic Uprising, will give a special lecture at GIC on May 20th at 4pm with the title 'South Korea-US Relations and Gwangju after the 19th President Election.'


Shorrock has been staying in Gwangju and studying the US government document related to May 18 since last month.


He will focus the lecture on inter-Korea tension caused by deployment of the US missile defense system THAAD and North Korea's missile and nuclear tests.


Also, he is to talk about the role of the US government at the time of the May 18 Democratic Uprising and the impact it had on Korean people’s perception of Americans.

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