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Jeonam Firefighting Headquarter to Join Hands in ‘Reviving Jindo’s Economy’

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Jeonam Firefighting Headquarter to Join Hands in ‘Reviving Jindo’s Economy’


Jeollanamdo Firefighting Headquarters has announced it will join hands with Jindo-gun district to revive its economy, which has been struggling due to the drastic fall in consumer demand for Jindo-produced farming and fisheries goods and the shrinking tourism industry since the Sewol Ferry disaster.

The firefighting headquarters will host an on- and off-line Jindo Farming and Fisheries Market to boost sales for the upcoming Chuseok holidays with the cooperation of nearly 12,000 firefighting officials across the province.

Some 800 firefighting officials purchased farming and fisheries goods produced in Jindo near the downtown area and the Jogeum traditional market in Jindo Island and Jeollanamdo expects that the recent sales event by firefighting officials in Jeollanamdo will generate an economic impact of 100 million won.

Jeollanamdo Firefighting Headquarter also reportedly sent out official transcripts to 15 metropolitan cities and provinces nationwide, requesting the direct purchase of Jindo-grown farming and fisheries goods as well as visits to Jindo’s natural surroundings for cultural and historical tours.

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