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Movie screenings to be held in Gwangju

택시운전사·군함도 광주시사회

Movie screenings to be held in Gwangju


Movies depicting the tragedies of modern Korean history are coming to Gwangju for screening events for the people who lived through those historical moments.


On the 17th, 'A Taxi Driver' will hold a special screening for the May 18 Democratic Uprising veterans and their families.


The film, to be released nationwide on August 2nd, portrays the May 18 events from outsiders' views.


Motivated by the true story of Jürgen Hinzpeter, a German reporter who first delivered the truth of the democratic movement to the world, the movie follows the journey of a taxi driver Man-seop and his passenger Peter.


Another new movie 'The Battleship Island' will invite the victims of forced labor during the Japanese Imperial Regime for a screening on the 24th.


The film, to open on the 26th nationwide, sheds new light on the stories of Korean people who were forcibly sent to work in a coal mine on the Battleship Island, also known as Hashima Island in Japan.

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