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East Asian Cultural City Festival Kicks Off in Yokohama Tomorrow

내일 동아시아 문화도시 한--일 예술제 요코하마서 개막

East Asian Cultural City Festival Kicks Off in Yokohama Tomorrow


The city of Gwangju will promote the artistic and cultural values of Gwangju in a 2014 Korea – China – Japan Cultural Festival set to be held in the city of Yokohama, Japan from tomorrow at 7 p.m.

First held last year in September in Gwangju as a cultural ministerial meeting, the Korea-China-Japan Cultural festival was well received among domestic and international visitors to the festival, promoting Korean traditional culture and art to its counterparts in China and Japan.

The 2014 Korea-China-Japan Cultural Festival is aimed at cultivating greater cultural exchange in East Asia and features the participation of Gwangju, representing Korea, with Yokohama and Quanzhou representing Japan and China, respectively.

The city of Gwangju will showcase a dance performance by the local Korean traditional music group and modern dance troupes, Yul and Laboratory Dance Project.

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