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674 TEXT NEW POST 5·18 푸른눈 증언자 돌린저 "최후항쟁 함께 못해 미안" May 18th Blue-eyed Witness Dolinger, "Sorry that I wasn't together at the last uprising" David L Dolinger, who is the 'May 18th Democratization Movement Blue-eyed Witness,… 05-18 1
673 TEXT NEW POST 전남대 민주화운동사 구술채록집 발간…30인의 증언 Chonnam(전남) Univ. Democratization Movement History Book or Oral Records Issued, 30 witnesses’ testimony Chonnam(전남) University decided to issue a Book of Oral Records regard… 05-18 1
672 TEXT NEW POST 강기정 "광주 아파트 고도제한 탄력적용·복합쇼핑몰 도심에" Kang KiJung(강기정) "Gwangju Apartment Height Restriction Flexible, Shopping Mall Complex in inner-city" Kang KiJung(강기정), the Democratic Party Gwangju City Mayora… 05-18 1
671 TEXT NEW POST 38개국 대표금과녁 정조준, 광주양궁월드컵 6일 열전 돌입 38 countries' representatives aiming for the gold medals, 6-day Gwangju Archery World Cup begins The Gwangju Archery World Cup, at which 381 team members from 38 countries … 05-18 1
670 TEXT NEW POST 광주시 임기말 산하기관장 공모 '뒷말 무성'…절차도 무시 Gwangju City End-of-Term Affiliated Directors Competition 'Silence'... ignored procedure Gwangju City is at the end of its 7th Popular Election government,… 05-18 1
669 TEXT 광주 인권상 수상자 "광주항쟁은 제게 연대의미 되새겼다" Gwangju Human Rights Awardee, "Gwangju Uprising helped me revisit the definition of solidarity" This year's Gwangju Human Rights Awardee is Cynthia Maung(신시아 마웅… 05-17 2
668 TEXT "그립고 또 그리워"…5·18 묘역 추모열기 가득 "Greatly missed", memorial visits to the May 18th Cemetery On the 17th of May, just one day before the 42nd anniversary of the May 18th Democratization Movement, there were many visits paid to… 05-17 3
667 TEXT "자랑스러운 역사" 5·18 민주화운동 희생자 추모제엄수 "Proud History", May 18th Democratization Movement Victims Memorial Service held The 42nd Anniversary Memorial Service for the May 18th Democratization Movement was held at the May … 05-17 1
666 TEXT 윤석열대통령 5·18기념식 메시지 주목 President Yoon SeokYeol(윤석열)'s May 18th Commemorative Message drawing attention President Yoon SeokYeol(윤석열) had made controversial 'messages supporting Cheon DooHwan(전두환)'… 05-17 3
665 TEXT 與, 내일 KTX 타고 광주 총출동…임을 위한 행진곡제창한다 Ruling Party all coming Gwangju through KTX tomorrow, singing 'March for the Beloved" Practically all members of the People Power Party will be attending the 42nd Annivers… 05-17 1
664 TEXT 尹대통령, 5·18 기념식서 임을 위한 행진곡 부른다 President Yoon, 'March for the Beloved' sung at the May 18th Ceremony President Yoon SeokYeol(윤석열) will be singing 'March for the Beloved' at the May 18th Democrat… 05-17 4
663 TEXT 42주년 5·18 전야제 금남로서 개최 42nd Anniversary May 18th Eve-event held on Geumnamro(금남로) Street The Eve-event of the 42nd Anniversary of the May 18th Democratization Movement will be held on Geumnamro(금남로) Street on the 17th. … 05-17 4
662 TEXT 광주·전남 코로나19 신규 확진 2136명 Gwangju Jeonnam with 2,136 new COVID19 patients The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had a total of 2,136 new cases found yesterday. According to both regions on the 17th, there were 881 new patients found in … 05-17 3
661 TEXT 옛전남도청서5·18탄두2개추가발견…복원추진단특별전시 Old Jeonnam Provincial Hall with 2 more bullets found from May 18th, Restoration Promotion Team Special Exhibition 2 additional bullets were found at the Old Jeonnam Provincial H… 05-17 2
660 TEXT 강기정·김영록,광주·전남상생발전'맞손' Kang KiJung(강기정), Kim YeongLok(김영록), Gwangju Jeonnam Win-Win Development 'Together' Kang KiJung(강기정) and Kim YeongLok(김영록), the Democratic Party candidates … 05-17 1


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