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545 TEXT 전남도, 원숭이두창 대응체계 강화…예비 병상 확보 Jeonnam Province reinforces Monkeypox Response System, secures Preliminary Inpatient Beds Jeonnam Province revealed on the 13th that the response system has been reinforced for monkeyp… 06-13 27
544 TEXT 김영록 전남지사 "우주개발진흥법 개정안 국무회의 통과 환영" Jeonnam Governor Kim YeongLok(김영록), "Space Development Promotion Act Amendment Bill passing through State Council welcomed" Jeonnam Province Governor Kim YeongLok(… 06-13 27
543 TEXT 화물연대 파업 일주일…전남 철강·석유화학 업체 '타격' Transport Workers' Union Strike 1 Week, Jeonnam steel and petrochemical industries 'impacted' With the Korean Public Service and Transport Workers'… 06-13 27
542 TEXT 제11대 전남도의회 마지막 회의…조례안 13건 심사 11th Jeonnam Provincial Council's last meeting, 13 bylaw proposals reviewed The 11thJeonnam Provincial Council will be closing with its 362nd Temporary Meeting between the 14th and t… 06-13 23
541 TEXT 코로나19확진자광주·전남서각각100명대…꾸준한감소세 COVID19 patients, Gwangju Jeonnam each with patients in 100-range, decreasing trend continues COVID19 transmission in the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions is in the 100s range for each… 06-13 24
540 TEXT 누리호 2차 발사 D-2]1차 발사와 다른 점은? Nuri Rocket 2nd Launching D-2, Differences to 1st Launch? The Nuri(누리) Space Rocket, representing South Korea’s independent space development, is to launch on the 15th for the 2nd time. Unl… 06-13 26
539 TEXT 광주 전기차 누적 등록, 7년만에 133배 증가 Gwangju’s Accumulated Registration of Electric Vehicles increased by 133 times in 7 years Gwangju City’s registered electric vehicles have increased by over 130 times in 7 years. According … 06-10 28
538 TEXT 무안-울산 하늘길 7월 다시 열린다…하이에어 재취항 Muan(무안) Ulsan(울산) Air-route opening again in July, Hi-Air returns to service An air route connecting Jeonnam’s Muan(무안) and Ulsan(울산) will resume from July 1st. J… 06-10 28
537 TEXT 여순사건단체, 유엔 특별보고관 면담…"진실규명 권고해달라" YeoSun(여순) Incident Org. UN Special Rapporteur meeting, "Advise on truth investigation" Fabian Salvioli(파비앙 살비올리), a UN Special Rapporteur in Truth, Just… 06-10 29
536 TEXT 투표지 촬영·현수막 훼손 등 선거사범 잇단 벌금형 Ballot papers photographed and banner violations, election offenders penalized and fined The Gwangju District Court has fined those charged for violating the Public Official Election A… 06-10 28
535 TEXT 통행 방해' 목포항서 화물연대 노조원 2명 입건…전남 첫 사례 'Access Interfered', Mokpo(목포) Port with Transport Union 2 members booked, Jeonnam's first case The Korean Public Service and Transport Workers'… 06-10 24
534 TEXT 광주·전남 9일 하루 628명 코로나19 신규 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 628 new patients found on the 9th The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had a total of 628 new COVID19 patients found yesterday. These were 278 new cases found from Gwangju and 3… 06-10 23
533 TEXT '끊어진한일교류잇자'일본인3천명,목포공생원찾는다 'Reconnect the separated Korea-Japanese Exchanges,' 3,000 Japanese visiting Mokpo(목포) GongSaengWon(공생원) Jeonnam’s Mokpo(목포) region's GongSaengW… 06-10 26
532 TEXT 광주·전남 전기차 충전 인프라 양호…전남, 전국 2번째 Gwangju Jeonnam Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructures at a good level, Jeonnam ranked 2nd in the country The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' electric vehicles' charging… 06-09 28
531 TEXT 화물연대파업사흘째…전남동부권물류차질현실화 Transport Union Strike 3rd day, Jeonnam Eastern District Logistics Disturbance Realized The Korean Public Service and Transport Workers' Union is continuing its 3rd day of striking… 06-09 26


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