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725 TEXT 광주·전남정치개혁연대출범 Gwangju Jeonnam Political Reformation Coalition Launched Gwangju City, being the home turf for the Democratic Party, has launched a citizens', wishing for the reformation of the Party. They also plan to subm… 08-08 3
724 TEXT 순천시, 2023순천만국제정원박람회 준비'속도' Suncheon(순천) City speeding up to prepare for the 2023 Suncheon(순천) Bay International Garden Expo Jeonnam’s Suncheon(순천) City revealed on the 4th that preparations are … 08-05 3
723 TEXT 코로나19광주·전남각각3천명대확진 COVID19 Gwangju and Jeonnam each with 3,000s range of patients The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions each had over 3,000 new COVID19 patients found yesterday. According to the health authorities on the 5th, th… 08-05 2
722 TEXT 931원받은강제동원피해자"사죄하라" Forced Labor Victim paid 931 won, "Apologize" A 92 year old female Forced Labor Victim expressed rage and frustration for having been paid 931 won as the Pension Withdrawal Allowance. On the 4th, a pres… 08-05 4
721 TEXT 전남자치경찰위, '다목적 이동형CCTV' 37대 도입한다 Jeonnam Autonomous Police Committeem implementing 37 Multipurpose Portable CCTVs The Jeonnam region will have 'Multipurpose Portable CCTVs' installed for crime preve… 08-04 6
720 TEXT 정부,외국인 비자족쇄 푼다 Govt. Lifting Foreigners' Visa Restraints The Korean government decided to reduce the minimum salary criteria for foreigner professional personnel in acquiring necessary visas. According to the Ministry of … 08-04 4
719 TEXT 광주·전남6575명신규확진…재확산지속 Gwangju Jeonnam with 6,575 new COVID19 patients, resurgence continues The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had a total of 6,575 new COVID19 patients that were found yesterday. According to both regions on… 08-04 5
718 TEXT '후생연금 탈퇴수당' 日강제동원 피해자에게 또 99엔 지급 'Pension Withdrawal Allowance', Japanese Forced Labor Victim distributed 99 Yen again It was discovered that Japan has distributed 99 Yen to Forced Labor Victi… 08-04 4
717 TEXT 김영록 전남지사, 매니페스토 약속대상 '최우수' Kim YeongLok(김영록) Jeonnam Governor, Manifesto Promise Award 'Grand Prize' Kim Yeong Lok (김영록), the Jeonnam Governor, has been selected as the awardee of th… 08-04 4
716 TEXT 코로나재확산'전남지역축제줄줄이취소 'COVID19 Resurgence' Jeonnam region's festivals cancelled in a row With the resurgence of COVID19 transmission, many of the Jeonnam region's festivals are now being cancelled. … 08-03 6
715 TEXT 광주·전남일일확진자7천명대로증가 Gwangju Jeonnam Daily COVID19 patients rose into the 7,000s range The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' COVID19 patients increased to the 7,000s range yesterday. According to both regions on the 3rd, t… 08-03 5
714 TEXT 강기정광주시장,정기명여수시장기재부찾아국비지원건의 Kang KiJung(강기정) Gwangju City Mayor, Jung KiMyeong(정기명) Yeosu(여수) City Mayor visit Ministry of Economy and Finance to secure national funds Kang KiJung (강기정… 08-03 7
713 TEXT 광주시선관위, 6·1지방선거보전액74억원,전남선관위219억9천만원지급 Gwangju Election Committee June 1st Regional Election Reserved Amount 7.4 billion won, Jeonnam 21.9 billion won distributed The Gwangju City Election Manageme… 08-03 6
712 TEXT 광주·전남, 7월 소비자물가'천정부지'…IMF이후 최대 Gwangju Jeonnam July Consumer Price 'Spiking', highest since IMF The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' Consumer Price Inflation Rate is spiking, with the highest ra… 08-02 7
711 TEXT 광주·전남확진자5천명대로늘어 Gwangju Jeonnam with 5,000s range of COVID19 patients The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' COVID 19 patients rose into the 5,000s range yesterday. According to both regions on the 2nd, there were 2,649 new … 08-02 6


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