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180 TEXT 전남도, 환경친화형 축산 육성 Jeonnam Province developing eco-friendly livestock industry Jeonnam province revealed on the 25th that a total of 313.7 billion won will be used to develop eco-friendly livestock industries within the region. … 02-25 40
179 TEXT "호남 민심 잡는자, 대권 잡는다" 여야 표심 공략 `올인' "Honam(호남) Votes to be secured for Presidential Election," targeted by Ruling and Opposition Parties With the Official Presidential Election Campaigns reaching their m… 02-25 41
178 TEXT 광주·전남 코로나19 확진자 하루 8000명 넘어 Gwangju Jeonnam with over 8,000 COVID19 patients found There were over 8,000 new COVID19 patients from the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions in a single day. According to the health authorit… 02-25 40
177 TEXT 광주4210명·전남2577명 확진…동시간대 최다 Gwangju with 4,210, Jeonnam 2,577 patients found, again setting highest record for same time period The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had another day of almost 7,000 new cases on the 24th. Accor… 02-25 42
176 TEXT 전남'대면편취형'보이스피싱기승 Jeonnam with wave of 'Face-to-Face type' Voice Phishing Crimes Jeonnam region is experiencing a wave of 'face-to-face type' voice phishing with more cunning methods being use… 02-25 42
175 TEXT 기상청 "전남 여수 거문도 동쪽서 규모 2.2 지진 발생" Meteorological Office, "Jeonnam’s Yeosu(여수) Geomundo(거문도) Island east side hit by 2.2 magnitude earthquake” The Office of Meteorology revealed on the 24th that there … 02-24 39
174 TEXT LH 광주·전남 첫 신혼희망타운 741가구 공급 LH to provide 741 homes for first Newlywed Hope Town in Gwangju Jeonnam region The Korea Land and Housing Corporation or LH revealed on the 24th that there will be 741 homes supplied in the Newlyw… 02-24 44
173 TEXT '3월 개교' 한국에너지공대…첫 신입생 오리엔테이션 KENTECH 'Opening in Mar', first freshmen orientation The Korea Institute of Energy Technology or KENTECH is busy preparing for its opening on the 2nd of Mar. this … 02-24 40
172 TEXT 광주 4136명·전남 3367명 확진…연일 7000명대 Gwangju with 4,136, Jeonnam 3,367 new patients found, over 7,000 again The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had another day of over 7,000 new patients on the 23rd. According to both regions … 02-24 45
171 TEXT 광주3886명·전남2342명확진…연일최다치 Gwangju with 3,886, Jeonnam 2,342 patients found, each day reaching new highs There were over 6,000 patients found in the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions again on the 23rd. According to both regions on … 02-24 41
170 TEXT 광주·전남 '1인 가구' 증가 추세…여성·29세 이하 많아 Gwangju Jeonnam with increasing trend of '1-person households' including many women and youths under 29 years old The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are showing an… 02-23 42
169 TEXT 광주 학생 확진자 52일 동안 2270명, 전남 사흘만에1000명 증가 Gwangju with 2,270 student-patients in 52 days, Jeonnam with 1,000 more patients in 3 days With the surging transmission of COVID19 ongoing in the Gwangju and Jeonnam region… 02-23 43
168 TEXT 광주·전남 7308명 확진…20대 이하·지역 확산 '다수' Gwangju Jeonnam with 7,308 patients found including many less than 20 years old as regional transmission continues The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had a total of 7,308 n… 02-23 44
167 TEXT 광주4073명·전남2010명 확진…가파른 확산에 첫6000명대(종합) Gwangju with 4,073, Jeonnam 2,010 patients found, first time to reach 6,000s amid spiking transmission Gwangju City had over 4,000 patients for the first time yesterday, wit… 02-23 45
166 TEXT 전남선관위, 대통령선거 투표소 이동 교통편의 서비스 제공 Jeonnam Election Commission providing traffic convenience services to polls for Presidential Election The Jeollanamdo(전라남도) Election Commission revealed on the 22nd t… 02-22 47


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