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140 TEXT 전남도, 전국 첫 '소상공인 e-모빌리티 리스료' 지원 Jeonnam Province, 'Small businesses E-Mobility Lease' supported for the first time in the country Jeonnam Province revealed on the 15th that there will be e-mobili… 02-15 61
139 TEXT 전남도 "올해 탄소감축 목표 161만t 실현한다" Jeonnam Province, "This year's carbon emission reduction with 1.61 million tons as the goal" Jeonnam Province held the 2nd Greenhouse Gas Reduction Promotional Status Presentation on the 1… 02-15 56
138 TEXT 진도군, 팽목항 세월호 기억관 철거 추진…시민단체 반발 Jindo(진도) County promoting demolition of Sewol(세월) Ferry Memorial Hall at PaengMok(팽목) Port, civic organizations opposed Jeonnam’s Jindo(진도) County is pr… 02-15 60
137 TEXT 병원·요양원 집단감염 계속…광주·전남 2천909명 확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 2,909 patients from hospitals, nursing home with cluster transmission The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing with COVID19 transmission with cluster ou… 02-15 57
136 TEXT '폭발로8명 사상'여수 여천NCC공장 등3곳 압수수색 Yeosu(여수) YeoCheon(여천) NCC Factory and 3 other places under seizure and search following '8 dead and injured from explosion' As a result of the Yeocheon(여천)… 02-15 55
135 TEXT 광주1천520명·전남884명확진 Gwangju with 1,520, Jeonnam 884 new patients found There were over 2,000 patients found in the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions on the 14th again. According to both regions on the 14th, there were 1,520 new patients fou… 02-15 59
134 TEXT 여수, 주민세 전액 감면, 코로나 위기 함께 극복 Yeosu(여수) Residential Tax total exemption, COVID19 crisis to be overcome together Jeonnam Yeosu(여수) City revealed on the 14th that this year there will be an exemption of individual … 02-14 57
133 TEXT 광주·전남 하루 확진자 2천803명…확산세 지속 Gwangju Jeonnam with 2,803 patients found in a day, transmission continues The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had over 2,800 new patients in a single day. According to the health aut… 02-14 58
132 TEXT 광주·전남주말휴일5천200명신규확진 Gwangju Jeonnam with 5,200 new patients found during weekend The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions’ COVID19 transmission continued over the weekend with over 5,000 new patients. According to both regions o… 02-14 55
131 TEXT 전남형 재택치료 상담센터, 첫날 342건 상담 Jeonnam Type Home-Treatment Counselling Center with 342 cases on first day Jeonnam Province revealed on the 10th that there were 342 phone-counselling sessions conducted on the first day of oper… 02-11 54
130 TEXT 여천NCC 공장 폭발 8명 사상 YeoCheon(여천) NCC Factory Explosion with 4 dead and injured Jeonnam’s Yeosu(여수) National Industrial Complex had an explosion at a chemical factory on the 11th in which 4 people were killed and 4 were injured. … 02-11 54
129 TEXT 노동부, 여천NCC 중대재해처벌법 수사 착수 Ministry of Labor begins investigation into YeoCheon(여천) NCC under Serious Accidents Punishment Act The Ministry of Employment and Labor revealed on the 11th that an investigation began into J… 02-11 55
128 TEXT 산업부, 광주·전남 수출기업과 '메가FTA 간담회' 개최 MOTIE holding 'Mega FTA Conference' with Gwangju Jeonnam Exports Corporations The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy or MOTIE revealed that the '6th Mega … 02-11 54
127 TEXT 지난달 국내선 667만 명 이용 Last month's domestic airlines had 6.67 million passengers Last month, domestic airlines were used by more than double the passengers of the previous month. This is analyzed to be due to the large rise in th… 02-11 48
126 TEXT 여수 여천NCC 공장서 폭발 사고…4명 사망·4명 중경상 Explosion at Yeosu(여수) Yeochun(여천) NCC Factory 4 dead, 4 injured Jeonnam's Yeosu(여수) City National Industrial Complex had an explosion from a chemical factory where 4… 02-11 54


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