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650 TEXT 전남소상공인돕는'공공배달앱'출시 Jeonnam releases 'Public Delivery App' to help Small Business Owners The Jeonnam region's public delivery application 'Meok-KkaeBi(먹깨비)' to support small business o… 07-15 13
649 TEXT 전남도-시군지자체,코로나재유행긴급방역점검 Jeonnam Province and City-County Municipalities, Emergency Disinfection Examinations for COVID19 Resurgence Jeonnam Province revealed on the 14th that reinforcement of disinfection measures … 07-15 10
648 TEXT 김영록 전남지사·민주당 예산정책협의회 Jeonnam Governor Kim YeongLok(김영록) and Democratic Party Budget Policy Council Jeonnam Governor Kim YeongLok(김영록) and the Jeonnam region's lawmakers came together to mobilize efforts … 07-14 11
647 TEXT '원자잿값 폭등에…' 광주전남 기업 10곳 중 9곳 '경영 부담' 'Raw Material Prices Soaring,' 9 out of 10 Gwangju Jeonnam Businesses under 'Management Pressures' In the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions, 9… 07-14 11
646 TEXT 전남도, 코로나 재유행 대응체계 돌입 Jeonnam Province COVID19 Resurgence Response System Implemented Jeonnam Province revealed on the 13th that the official Infectious Disease Response System is being operated in preparation for COVID19 Om… 07-14 10
645 TEXT '코로나19 확산세' 광주·전남 각각 800명대 확진 Gwangju and Jeonnam each with 800 new COVID19 patients The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' COVID19 daily tally is soaring with some 800 new patients from each region. According t… 07-14 10
644 TEXT 6월 광주·전남 취업자 2만명↑ Gwangju Jeonnam Employees increased by 20,000 in June The number of employees in the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions rose by 20,000 in June. However, the number of daily and temporary workers dropped by 20,000 due t… 07-13 10
643 TEXT 김영록 전남지사 "열정과 의지로 민선 8기 기초 다지자" Jeonnam Governor Kim YeongLok(김영록), "Passion and Determination to lay the foundation of the 8th Popular Election administration" Jeonnam Province Governor Kim YeongLok(김영… 07-12 15
642 TEXT 전남도,지역사회와 함께'200만 인구 회복'역량 결집한다 Jeonnam Province concentrates efforts to 'Recover 2 million Population' along with local communities Jeonnam Province decided to concentrate and collect effor… 07-12 11
641 TEXT 광주·전남신규확진자'더블링'…휴일·전주대비2~3배로증가 Gwangju Jeonnam new COVID19 patients 'Doubling,' 2 to 3 times increased daily tally compared to the weekend and previous week The Gwangju and Jeonnam regi… 07-12 11
640 TEXT 전남도,민선8기첫추경8천920억증액 Jeonnam Province first supplementary budget increases by 892 billion won for the 8th Popular Election term Jeonnam Province revealed on the 11th that a supplementary budget of 892 billion won was submitted to… 07-12 12
639 TEXT 2년4개월여만에무안공항에국제선뜬다…14일부터이륙 Muan(무안) Airport with International Flights after 2 years and 4 months, taking off from the 14th Muan(무안) International Airport revealed on the 10th that international flights… 07-11 11
638 TEXT 코로나19광주·전남휴일확진자소폭감소…증가세는뚜렷 Gwangju Jeonnam regions' COVID19 weekend patients decreased slightly, but transmission rising The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 503 new COVID19 patients yesterday. Accord… 07-11 12
637 TEXT 전남 내만에 고수온 경보 Jeonnam Province Bays issued High Water Temperature Warnings The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries revealed on the 8th that the Jeonnam region's bays 'High Water Temperature Advisories' have been raised to… 07-08 11
636 TEXT 전남도, 바우처택시9월까지 전체 시·군 확대…245대 운행 Jeonnam Province extends Voucher Taxi operation using 245 vehicles to all cities and counties until Sept. Jeonnam Province will be extending the Voucher Taxi operation to all cit… 07-08 10


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