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635 TEXT 올 상반기 호남·제주권 산재사고 사망자 42명 Beginninghalf of the year, Honam(호남), Jeju(제주) district with 42 deaths from Industrial Accidents In the beginning half of this year, there were 42 deaths reported related to Industrial … 07-08 11
634 TEXT 비용 폭증에…도시·광역철도 사업 줄줄이 중단 Surging costs leading to consecutive halts of City and Metropolitan Railway Projects The current Urban and Metropolitan Rail projects that are underway by regional municipalities have been a… 07-08 9
633 TEXT 고흥 우주발사체 특화단지, 국토부 산단 지정계획에 반영 Goheung(고흥) Space Launch Vehicle Specialized District reflected in the MOLIT Industrial Designation Plan Jeonnam Province revealed on the 7th that the 'Space Launch V… 07-07 18
632 TEXT 전남 5개 해역 고수온 주의보 발령…작년보다 열흘 빨라 Jeonnam’s 5 Sea Areas issued high-water temperature advisories, 10 days sooner than year With the early onset of swelteringly hot weather in the country, the temperatures of the… 07-07 15
631 TEXT 관심→주의 격상…전남도 '원숭이두창' 신속 검사 Monkeypox status elevated from Attention to Caution, Jeonnam Province operating Rapid Testing The Jeonnam Province Institute of Health and Environment Research has secured rapi… 07-07 15
630 TEXT 5월 광주·전남 제조업생산·수출 증가…실업률 하락 May Gwangju Jeonnam Manufacturing Production and Exports increased, unemployment rate dropped The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' manufacturing production and exports increased in … 07-07 14
629 TEXT 전남도, '보행자 우선도로' 도내 전역 으로 확대 Jeonnam Province extends 'Pedestrian Priority Road' throughout the province Jeonnam Province revealed on the 6th that the 'Pedestrian Priority Road' guaranteeing… 07-07 14
628 TEXT 광주·전남 휴가철 앞두고 감염재확산 조짐 Gwangju Jeonnam with sign of transmission resumption in the face of the vacation season The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' COVID19 patients are increasing in daily tally in the face of the vaca… 07-07 13
627 TEXT 전남도갯벌관리위원회발족…"보전관리앞장" Jeollanam-do Tidal Flat Management Committee launched… "Leading Conservation Management" The 'Jeonnam Province Tidal Flat or Gatbeol(갯벌) Management Committee' launched on the 6t… 07-07 16
626 TEXT 일주일째 폭염 특보 전남서 피해 본격화…가축 폐사 잇따라 Week-long Heat Wave Special Advisory, Jeonnam's damage officialized, livestock deaths follow With the Jeonnam region's fierce heat wave continuing with no monsoon … 07-06 18
625 TEXT 미국 LA 토렌스에 전남 농식품 판매장 개장 U.S Los Angeles’ Torrance to open Jeonnam Agricultural Food Store Jeonnam province revealed on the 6th that a full-time regular store designated for the Jeonnam region's agricultural foods … 07-06 17
624 TEXT 광주·전남 일일 확진자 700명대로 증가 Gwangju Jeonnam Daily patients increase to 700s range The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' COVID19 patients increased to the 700s range again. According to both regions on the 6th, there were 337 new … 07-06 18
623 TEXT 광주전남14개공공기관,기록관리협의체출범 Gwangju Jeonnam’s 14 Public Institutions launch Records Management Council The Gwangju and Jeonnam Joint Innovative City Public Institutions have come together to launch the Records Management … 07-06 19
622 TEXT 노동부"하반기외국인근로자월1만명입국"…인력난해소기대 Ministry of Labor, "In 2ndhalf of the year, 10,000 foreign laborers entering per month", labor shortage relief anticipated The Ministry of Employment and Labor said on the 5t… 07-06 16
621 TEXT 환경단체 "한빛 4호기 재가동 절차 철회해야" Environmental group "Hanbit Unit 4 restart procedure should be cancelled" The Jeonnam and Jeonbuk(전북) regions' Environmental Organizations held a press conference in front of the Jeonna… 07-05 20


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