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740 TEXT 전남도, 코로나경구용치료제 14일부터투약 Jeonnam province administers COVID19 oral pills from the 14th Jeonnam Province will begin oral administration of medicine to treat COVID19 from the 14th. Doses for 364 people of Pfizer’s Paxl… 01-13 122
739 TEXT '코로나장기화'…전남동부지난해임금체불, 전년보다 60% ↑ 'COVID19 extended', Last year Eastern Jeonnam with 60% increase in unpaid wages compared to previous year With the extended COVID19 pandemic, last year'… 01-13 83
738 TEXT 광주·전남 '코로나 포비아'…사흘 연속 200명 돌파(종합) Gwangju Jeonnam 'COVID Phobia,' 3 consecutive days of over 200 patients The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are experiencing continued transmission of COVID19 as the… 01-11 81
737 TEXT 전남지역 공동주택 건설현장67곳특별점검 Jeonnam region's 67 Joint Housing Construction Sites under Special Inspection Jeonnam Province revealed on the 12th that there is a Special Safety Inspection being conducted at construction sit… 01-12 79
736 TEXT '전남형 시설 재택치료'로 오미크론 차단 'Jeonnam Type Facility Home-Treatment' to block Omicron Jeonnam Province revealed on the 20th that the 'Jeonnam-Type Home Treatment Facility' program has officially laun… 01-21 77
735 TEXT 코로나 충격에도…지난해 광주전남 수출'역대최대' Despite COVID19 impact, last year’s Gwangju Jeonnam exports 'at the highest ever' Despite the continued COVID19 pandemic, the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' exp… 01-13 76
734 TEXT 전남도, 장애인 가구에 임신·출산·육아 서비스 지원 Jeonnam Province supporting with Pregnancy, Birth, Care services for disabled households Jeonnam Province revealed on the 11th that there will be the 'Home Helper Service' … 01-11 74
733 TEXT 광주·전남 489명 신규 확진…전남 처음으로 200명 넘어 Gwangju Jeonnam with 489 new patients, Jeonnam over 200 cases for first time The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions' COVID19 transmission is alarming. According to the health … 01-24 73
732 TEXT 광주·전남 연일 세 자릿수 확진…169명 추가 Gwangju Jeonnam triple-digit transmission continues, 169 cases added The Gwangju and Jeonnam regions are continuing with COVID19 transmission in the triple digits. According to the health author… 01-12 72
731 TEXT 순천시, 민간 대상 개방 정원 등록 추진 Suncheon(순천) City promoting to register Gardens open for public Jeonnam’s Suncheon(순천) City revealed on the 17th that there is an Open Garden Registration System under promotion to search for… 02-17 72
730 TEXT 화순전남대병원,보건복지부외국인환자유치의료기관지정 Hwasoon(화순) Chonnam(전남) Univ. Hospital, designated as Foreign Patient Attraction Medical Institution by the Ministry of Health and Welfare The Hwasoon(화순) Chonnam(… 01-11 69
729 TEXT '집단 감염' 광주 94명 확진, 목포, 무안 연일 50여명 확진 'Cluster Transmission', Gwangju 94 patients, Mokpo(목포), Muan(무안) continually find 50 patients Gwangju City is continuing with cluster transmission ce… 01-11 69
728 TEXT 전남도, 귀농귀어 정착에 883억원 지원'역대 최다' Jeonnam Province supports 88.3 billion won for rural migration settlement, 'highest of all time' Jeonnam Province revealed on the 11th that some 88.3 billion won is inj… 01-11 69
727 TEXT 전남교육청, 다자녀 가정 학생 교육비 지원 확대 Jeonnam Office of Education extends support for multi-child families' student education fees The Jeonnam Office of Education decided to extend support for education fees for students … 01-20 67
726 TEXT 2년 동안 광주·전남 학생 1794명 코로나19 감염 1,794 student-patients found over 2 years in Gwangju Jeonnam regions In the last 2 years, the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions had 1,794 cases of COVID19 among under-age students. According to th… 01-12 66


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