K-Pop Fiesta


K-Pop Fiesta

Monday - Saturday, 12:00 - 13:57
Dave Magee, Lindsey Andrew
Hyemin Seon
Seul I Ku


Welcome to Kpop Fiesta with Dave and Lea! Get ready to groove with us as we bring you the freshest and hottest Kpop releases, along with daily Kpop news, shining the spotlight on our favorite idols, and exploring the latest internet challenges. Join us during lunchtime and let's dive into the vibrant and globally acclaimed world of Kpop together! Stay tuned for a bright and energetic vibe that will keep you dancing all day long!


Dave & Lea Dave & Linsey
part1 K-Pop-Up News
: your daily dose of the latest and greatest in the K-pop world!
Stay in the loop with new releases, comebacks, concerts, awards, and all things K-pop.
part2 Weekly Theme Tune-Up
Curating a playlist to kickstart the week with a new theme every week
Text us your thoughts on this week's keyword and request a song that matches the theme!
- Idol Kingdom
: Exploring the reigning kings and queens of the K-pop world and their chart-topping hits.
songs and discuss their achievements on various music charts.
- Rookie Radar : Unearthing New Gems
: Introduce new and promising rookie idol groups and highlight lesser-known but talented idols who deserve more recognition in the industry.
Love Pointers: Insights from 'Opinion' YouTubers
Welcome to 'Love Talk Show with 'Opinion' YouTubers'! Join us for dating discussions, 'Balance Games,' and captivating relationship dilemmas. Let's explore love and laughter together
Love Tales & Melodies
Share your love stories, get heartwarming songs as gifts! Let love fill the airwaves as we celebrate together!
K-pop vs. K-pop
: Pick one from two songs, groups, or concepts and share which is your favorite.Vote to make your choice count!
K-pop's Social Buzz
: dive into trending hashtags, fan talk, memes, concert highlights, and fan meeting reviews, straight from the world of SNS
The Lyrics Lab
: Unraveling the Fun, Profound, and Hidden Meanings of K-Pop Lyrics!
K-pop Chart Countdown
: Join us for a review of the chart-topping K-pop hits that garnered recognition from around the world
"Welcome to 'K-Pop Confessions’
: our listeners' favorite songs and heartfelt stories, alongside the best K-pop tunes. Get ready for emotions and music